5 Ways to Burn More Fat!

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Rather than being theoretical, here are five actionable steps you can implement to burn more body fat. Now keeping it off…that’s simply a function of being able to sustain these habits!  Some of these practices you will find sustainable, so keep them! Others you may find too difficult, so ditch those.

1. Extra walks

Adding in extra 10-minute brisk walks throughout the day can be an excellent time to clear your head, get some sun, improve digestion…but also to burn more fat!  Three 10 minute walks a day, maybe after each meal, is a great way to get in 30 minutes of fat-burning cardio!  This could be a walk around the block, within your office, on a treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, etc.  Its very sustainable and the best exercise is the one you’ll do.

Ten benefits to the 10-minute walk:

  1. Improve insulin sensitivity, i.e. help you burn more fat and store less
  2. Lower serum glucose levels, i.e. lead to less glycation which is a good thing
  3. Improves digestion and removes gas and bloating
  4. Great for your back and joints. Walking is just as effective as specific exercise for recovering from chronic low back injury.
  5. In regards to weight loss, three 10-minute walks are more successful than one 30-minute walk per day
  6. You will live longer
  7. Improves sleep
  8. Taking a 10-minute walk after dinner it can help to reduce stress levels and improve circulation
  9. 10-minute walks are superior to taking 10,000 steps per day. An experiment showed that three 10-minute walks took 70% less time and provided 30% more moderate to intense physical activity which provides the greatest health benefits
  10. They are great for the entire family especially pets :).

2. More sun exposure

Sun exposure and getting optimal vitamin D levels plays a very important role in your hormones, which in turn affects your fat burning!  Every day aim to be outside for a mimimum of 10-15 minutes to get adequate sun exposure!  Even on cloudy days, you can still reap the benefits.  If your climate doesn’t allow this, consider looking for whole food alternatives that will get you that vitamin D or supplement with Vitamin D3 such as from ATP Lab or Prairie Naturals.

3. Sleep more

A little counterintuitive, but getting an extra hour or two of sleep can make a huge difference. You’ll be decreasing your cortisol, increasing your testosterone, and giving your body a better chance of burning through fat!  Just as important as sleep duration is sleep quality. Following a routine before sleep is a great idea and is something i do every night.  Getting electronics out of the bedroom, reading the Bible or a book for 15-30 minutes, taking a shower, having a cup of chamomile, stretching or some magnesium can all help lead to a restful night's sleep.

4. 2 meals a day—more coffee

One strategy you may want to try is to train fasted, have 2-3 cups of coffee throughout the fast, and then have two high protein to energy (P:E) carnivore meals.

6am-12pm: Have salt water, coffee, train fasted.

12 or 1pm: Meal #1. Ground beef, eggs for instance.

7pm: Meal #2. NY steaks.

5. Cut the dairy

You may find this tremendously helpful to eliminate extra calories, cravings, digestive discomfort, and bloat. Cutting dairy just makes life simpler and you can acquire many of the same nutrients from other sources. If you insist on keeping dairy, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are great high protein options!

Happy fat loss!


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