Burn Fat Faster With This Simple Diet

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You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat as quickly as is healthfully possible and at the same time you don't want to be constantly starving. Am I right?

The 2 biggest determinants of diet failure are:

1. How miserable, hungry and fatigued you are going to be
2. How much you are going to miss eating food

This diet will alleviate both of these.  

Most likely all the diets you have every tried have been calorie-restricted diets or semi-starvation diets.  Which means you are going to be hungry and starving. This is Not sustainable long-term.

This simple diet is going to optimize the 9 hormones involved in helping you burn fat and not suffer from hunger.  We are Going to go thru these from most important to less important. The top 3 are the most important. 

1. Insulin
Main fat storage hormone. Made in pancreas in the beta cells in response to elevated blood sugar which causes a spike in blood insulin. Spikes in insulin will shut off fat burning. Avoid all sugars and anything that turns into sugar. Whether that be a donut, soda, bread, pasta, rice, fruit, fruit juice, etc. They all spike blood sugar and in-turn insulin and therefore shut off fat burning. Replace with good healthy fats and protein as well as supplementing with magnesium.

2. Leptin
Made in fat cells and cells in the small intestine. It reduces your appetite and it makes you feel full. To optimize leptin you are going to avoid inflammatory foods such as grains and vegetable seed oils. Eat more fatty meats and fish. These move your leptin in the right direction. Also Get plenty of good quality sleep.

3. Ghrelin
Made in the stomach and cells of the small intestine. It’s a hunger hormone and tells your brain “hey we’re hungry lets eat.” To optimize ghrelin you are going to avoid all sugars and that ranges all the way from skim milk, to a tortilla wrap, to a donut, to a slice of whole wheat bread as they all turn to sugar. Avoid all grains and bread. Eat plenty of protein and healthy fats.

4. Cortisol
The Stress hormone. It does many jobs and isn't a problem unless its chronically elevated. If so, its going to cause you to overeat and stress eat and cause you to store more fat. To optimize cortisol you are NOT going to restrict calories or eat small portions. This is stressful to the body and therefore elevates cortisol. Get plenty of good quality sleep and focus on removing chronic stressors to get cortisol back in the sweet spot.

5. Estrogen
Its not just a female hormone as its made in the ovaries in women and the testicles in men. Its both a female and male hormone albeit females do have more of it. Whether you are male or female, if your estrogen is too high, it will cause you to overeat and store more fat. To optimize estrogen, if you were going to eat a carbohydrate, try to make sure it’s a dark green leafy vegetable or part of the brassica family of vegetables or is contained in a seed or a nut. Also engage in high intensity exercise. This can be lifting heavy things or running fast or playing tennis or 100% all out effort. Any of these are going to move your estrogen in the right direction towards the Sweet Spot.

6. Neuropeptide Y
Made in the CNS and causes hunger and carb cravings. Not good if you’re trying to burn fat. To optimize neuropeptide Y, eat good quality proteins and fats and never restrict calories. If you are calorie restricting or eating small portions then you are not gonna be putting the neuropeptide Y hormone in the sweet spot for maximum fat burning. Also minimize chronic stressors in your life and get plenty of good sleep so that you lower your stress level and by doing so, this will help put this hormone exactly where you want it to be to maximize fat burning.

7. Glucagon-like peptide 1
Made in the small intestine and brain stem. It helps keep your blood sugar levels very stable and helps you not feel hungrier than you should. To optimize glucagon-like peptide 1, eat plenty of protein and fats. Avoid grains, fat-free or skim dairy and all the seed oils such as canola, corn, safflower, sunflower, etc oils. Eating good animal fats as well as avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil will not mess up this hormone.

8. Cholecystokinin 
Made in the duodenum which is the first part of the small intestine. It Controls your appetite and hunger and turns off your hunger if you get it in the sweet spot. To optimize cholecystokinin, eat a lower carbohydrate diet then you’ve been eating, lower than 100 grams per day but ideally less than 30-50 grams. Some people will need to turn the carbohydrate knob down even more as low as zero. Also Eat plenty of good quality protein.

9. Peptide YY
Made in the ileum which is the third part of small intestine and in the colon. It controls your appetite and if you get it in the sweet spot, it will turn off your hungry. To optimize this hormone, eat a low-carb diet and more protein and fat, do I sound like a broken record? I’m sorry but that’s how you burn fat and how do you escape from the chronic severe disabling fatigue and hunger that come with all the other calorie restricting diets.

The simple diet that optimizes all nine of these hormones and puts them in the sweet spot for burning fat and turning off your hunger is called a ketogenic diet. Some people call it low-carb, some people call it Atkins but if you do it properly, it’s full of healthy foods that give you all the nutrition, all the vitamins, all the minerals that you need.  You’ll feel happy, satiated, and your hunger will be gone and it’s sustainable to do long-term. 

I’ve got videos that go into some detail on what things to do specifically however if you do want me to coach you, walk you through it and set it up for you don’t hesitate to let me know.


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