7 Signs You Need More Salt

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For your entire life you’ve been told to eat less salt and consume a lower salt diet. A lot have listened and are now suffering from many symptoms of just not getting enough salt. 

In this short video I’m going to share 7 signs or symptoms you are not getting enough salt in your diet. If you know of someone that’s suffering from any one of these symptoms and they’re trying to follow a low salt diet, please consider sharing this video with them as you may in fact help them.

Watch the video below:

So let’s go over the 7 signs that you might not have enough salt in your diet. Now some of these signs or symptoms may be a result of a multiple of different medical or nutritional problems but they are very commonly caused by just not getting enough minerals with salt being one of them. Salt being approximately 50% sodium and 50% chloride. 

It’s a very common symptom that many people have and by just adding salt to your diet can make this fatigue go away. This is the major sign that I noticed when I switched over to the carnivore diet and by adding more salt to my food and my water, I was able to mitigate this.

A lot of people find by just adding salt to their diet, adding a bit of salt to their water or even by just licking a bit of salt off their hand can completely resolve their headache. 

3.Muscle Twitch/Spasm/Cramp
A lot of us know that not getting enough potassium or magnesium can lead to muscle twitches, spasms and cramps but actually not getting enough salt can also lead to this too. Something that I do to mitigate this is to liberally salt each meal and add about half a teaspoon to 3/4 of a teaspoon to every bottle of water I drink.

If you find you are irritable at times, try just adding a pinch of salt to your water or being conscious to salt your meals to see if that helps. You may just find your mood improve and the things that were irritating you, don’t anymore. 

5.Muscle Weakness
If you find you're weak when working out then try adding a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt to your workout water bottle and you will notice an improvement in your muscle strength and performance. This is something I do for every workout. 

6.Mental Fog/Forgetfulness
The neurons in your brain must have enough sodium as well as the other minerals that come with salt to function and conduct impulses properly and optimally. By adding a bit of salt to your food and to your water, this can help combat mental fogginess and forgetfulness.

7.Humans are salty mammals
We need to understand that we are salty beings and MUST have salt in our diet in order to function optimally otherwise a whole slue of dangerous and potentially life threatening things can occur such as low blood pressure, feeling faint and in fact losing consciousness as well as worsen heart failure. You need to know that Real salt is good for you, not bad for you. You just want to make sure you are getting the good stuff that doesn’t contain any of the microplastics or nanoplastics that are found in our oceans. One thing you can do is stay away from evaporated sea salt and go with one that has been mined deep underground, protected from pollutants of modern society. I have detailed below the one my family and I use.

If you know of anyone that may benefit from this video, please consider sharing it with them as you may help them resolve their health condition or at a minimum, drastically improve it.

Happy fat loss,


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