4 More Intermittent Fasting Tips

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Fasting is not always the most fun or easiest thing to do so I'm going to share with you 4 more tips on how to make it more enjoyable. So let's delve into these 4 intermittent fasting tips to help make the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

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    1. Find a support group
    As with other things in life, things are much easier when done in a group. We are social beings and we need that support so I encourage you to find the people you resonate with who you can talk to, problem solve and share tips. 
    You can find these groups online or in person. The one I run is free on Facebook and its called Fat Loss Made Simple or if you become a client you will be added to our private group as well. Sometimes finding a supportive group can be the difference between success and failure. We're here for you at these groups if you need us so jump on in.
    2. Give your body time to adjust
    Remember when you are fasting you are trying to get your body to use the stores of energy that it's carrying, i.e., body fat. If you have a lot of body fat and haven't done much fasting, your body isn't very good at utilizing your body fat and metabolizing it so you need to give it time to adjust. 
    Your body is accustomed to using the food that you eat for energy whether that be carbs or dietary fat, as these are the main two fuel sources the body uses. This adjustment period can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks or more so be patient with yourself. The way most people eat (which is a high carb diet with frequent feedings throughout the day), you are most likely using carbs (glucose) as energy. While fasting alternatively, once you've burned through your carb stores (glycogen), your body will need to use fat. As your body gets used to using body fat for energy, it becomes more efficient at it and feels more natural. During this transition period though you may feel like you have less energy initially as your body (specifically your mitochondria) is adjusting. 
    To make this adjustment period easier, eat a low carb diet or even a very low carb diet which is referred to as a ketogenic diet as compared to eating a higher carb diet because burning dietary fat and body fat are very similar so you are helping your body to burn body fat by following a low carb diet.
    3. Fasting is not an excuse to eat whatever
    If you are trying to lose weight, it comes down to two things: 1) WHAT you eat, and 2) WHEN you eat. These two questions are separate in that when you fast (i.e., when you eat) doesn't tell you anything about what you eat and what you eat when you do eat, doesn't tell you anything about how often you eat (i.e., when you eat.) You are going to get more mileage so to speak out of your fast when you are following a healthy diet such as I mentioned above, a low carb or a very low carb diet. If you tackle both of these questions of WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat, you are going to do much better than doing just one or the other. 
    4. Act as if nothing is happening
    When you fast, there isn't anything you can't do that you normally do while you eat as all you are doing is just changing where your body is getting energy from. When you eat, your body is getting energy from your food and will store some of it as sugar and body fat. When you fast, you are getting energy from your body fat stores. Think of it as a refrigerator and a freezer. If you have a lot of food in your freezer, you don't have to go to the store every day to get more food cause you can always pull some steaks, veggies, etc. out of the freezer. Your body operates the same way. When you aren't eating, your body will dip into the stored energy (i.e., the freezer) to generate "food" for itself. 
    You don't need to change any of your regular routine either. If you exercise while eating, then you can exercise while fasting simply because your body is going to figure out where its going to get its energy from. So no matter what your daily activities are, you can do them all while fasting (except for eating of course LOL). 
    When you break your fast, the same principle applies of acting as if nothing happened meaning eat as if you didn't fast. Don't force yourself to eat more just because you fasted and have to "make up for the lost food” so to speak. Eat as normally as possible. What I want you to think about when you are fasting is that your body is "eating" your body fat during the time that you aren't eating and therefore you are losing body fat which is a great thing. So act as if nothing has changed.
So there you have it. Hopefully these additional 4 intermittent fasting tips were helpful. To recap: find a support group, give your body time to adjust, fasting is not an excuse to eat whatever, and act as if nothing is happening. Comment below with which ones you follow and share others you feel are helpful.  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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