Stay Active in Isolation

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Don’t feel bad about yourself if you struggle to stay active during these extraordinary times.  Social distancing could lead to an increase in depression, apathy, or loneliness, but don't let that be you. 

Here are some simple tips to help combat that as well as help you (and I) move more:

1. Set daily step goals

Make it specific but also realistic. It’s better to hit a moderate amount of walking steps than to be overwhelmed by an unrealistic daily goal.

Or if it comes to a specific workout, set 10 minutes on the clock and perform a short workout instead of thinking about wading your way though an hour and a half workout. 

2. Set new training goals

Even if you could work on advanced strength or physique goals from home, it’s probably not a great idea to compound the stress you may be experiencing right now.  Pick something else, something simple, like increasing endurance or rehabbing that injury you’ve been training around.

3. Clean

Clear out your closets. Organize and dust your bookshelves or build new ones. Or as my wife and I have been doing, cleaning up the yard and outdoor patio.  This is the time to tackle projects you’ve been avoiding.

4. Use my workouts

I've posted a myriad of workouts on my Instagram and Facebook pages and YouTube channel.  Pick a workout from there and take it for a test drive. 

For instance, check out the Bodyweight Blitz 6-60.  This is simple routine that requires no equipment, will get your heart rate up, give you a sweat and help you burn some body fat. 

See below for links to my social media pages for more home workouts.


5. Get out!

The air outside will never be cleaner or feel better than it does right now. Enjoy it responsibly.


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