Does a Low Carb Diet KILL Cravings?

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When your goal is weight loss, the most important thing a way of eating has to do is…CONTROL HUNGER!

You can’t stick to a diet that keeps you hungry all the time.  No one can.  It goes against basic human biology.  No amount of willpower or discipline can make you stick to a way of eating that leaves you physically uncomfortable.

If you ever dieted to lose weight in the past, did you:

  • Power through hunger all day only to dive head-first into junk food at night?
  • Deal with constant, intrusive thoughts of food?
  • Ignore the nonstop rumbling of your empty-feeling stomach?
  • Plan your next meal while you were eating the previous meal?
  • Fantasize about what you would eat as soon as you were off the diet?

Say goodbye to all that!

Low. Carb. Is. Different.

Have you heard that hunger disappears on low-carb diets?

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but that’s not entirely true. When you cut way back on the carbs you eat, it’s not that you’ll never, ever be hungry. You’ll feel hunger, but the difference is, your hunger will be manageable. It will come on slowly and mildly, and you’ll be completely comfortable waiting until food is available. Gone will be the need to snack all day or to always carry food with you. Gone will be the moments when searing hunger comes on suddenly and whacks you in the face, making you irritable, shaky, and panicking about what might happen if you don’t eat IMMEDIATELY.

You know what that’s called?

HANGER: Hunger + anger.

And we’ve all felt it.

That’s what goes away when you eat low carb.

But WHY? HOW?! What’s behind this low carb appetite control thing?

Low carb controls hunger and cravings because:

  • When you avoid foods that spike your blood sugar, you avoid that high peak AND the huge plummet that follows—the plummet is what makes you hangry.
  • When your insulin is at a healthy low, normal level, you’re already “eating” – you’re “eating” your stored body fat. Since your cells have this fuel available internally, you don’t get hungry as often or as intensely for food from the outside. (Remember, high insulin prevents your body from accessing its fat stores. Lower insulin helps you burn fat.)
  • You crave what you eat!  Satisfying a craving doesn’t stop the craving; it keeps the cycle going!  Feeding the sugar beast doesn’t make it go away; it makes it hungrier for more.  Stop eating sugar and you stop craving sugar.

I know it sounds like a fantasy. It sounds too good to be true.

But it is true.

And I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

Happy fat loss,


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