Keto Reset After the Holidays

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So the holidays are finally over (or at least for the most part) and you completely dropped the ball on your keto (psst so did I).  But it’s ok. I'm going to give you 7 simple steps to get back on track and pick up right where you left off with minimal damage. 

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Let’s discover the 7 steps to get you back on the keto wagon.

1. Forgive yourself
We all did it so don't beat yourself up for one more minute.  Remember as I said earlier, I did it too.  I had cheesecake and more carbs than usual among other things.  Keep in mind that any weight you would have gained in a few days is water weight and NOT fat weight so don't worry about that.  The other steps I'm going to share with you will help take care of this. 
2. Get rid of ALL the offending foods
Clean out the fridge, clean out the pantry, all those high carb leftovers that you thought "ahh maybe I'll eat those later", just get rid of all of them.  Don't leave the temptation around. Even the keto approved sweets and treats, get rid of those too.  I know its tough, but just do it like a band-aid, right off!
3. Perform a 24 to 36-hour water fast
Doing so will burn up all the glycogen stores that you stored up through all the high carb, high fat, high energy sweets and treats as well as give your body a chance to cleanse. 
4. Get plenty of salt
I personally use Redmond's Real Salt that you can use if you like and I've included a link in the description below.  A good quality salt will help you with getting over the carb cravings as well as not being hungry as much.  On top of that, since you'll be cutting the carbs down drastically, your body will need the salt as you’ll be losing it through your urine due to the reduction in insulin as a result of the reduction in carbs. Check out Redmond’s Real Salt at

5. Get plenty of minerals
Do so by starting to eat more protein particularly red meat such as beef (my personal favourite), bison, goat, sheep, venison, etc.  These are loaded with the essential minerals you and I MUST have to obtain optimal health AND feel satiated so we don't crave carbs and sugar as cravings are just your body's signal that its searching for minerals.
6. Eat more animal protein
In line with number 5, make sure you eat adequate and ample protein throughout the day to balance out your blood sugar and therefore your insulin levels (which if high, lead to fat storage).  Also getting adequate protein helps with satiety (as mentioned above) so you don't snack on junk and crave carbs.  If you do need to snack which may be the case for a few days due to the higher carb, higher sugar foods you've been eating, prep in advance some good high protein, high fat snacks to help you get over the hump, might be only for 3-7 days.  Snacks such as boiled eggs, fried bacon, cooked steak strips, lunch meats, avocado, olives, etc.
7. Give your body time to readjust
Your gut microbiome may have shifted towards carb-loving bacteria so we need to switch them back to protein and fat-loving bacteria through a ketogenic or low carb diet. This may take a few days to happen and you may experience some carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms for a few days.
There you have it. Hopefully these 7 keto restart steps for after the holidays were helpful.

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