Are You Eating TOO MUCH Sugar? 11 Signs You Are

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You were designed to eat a low sugar diet.  Eating too much sugar causes all sorts of damage (and aging) to the cells, tissues and organs in your body.  Your body has signs and symptoms to let you know you are eating too much sugar.  In this video I will share with you 11 signs your body is telling you you are eating too much sugar.

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I want you to cut the sugar out so let's jump into this list of 11 signs you are eating too much sugar.

    1. Weight gain
    Now you most likely you probably knew that BUT what you may not have known is that some people carry fat all over their body in the subcutaneous tissue (directly under the skin) that you can see. Whereas others carry it within the peritoneum (abdominal cavity) which is referred to as visceral fat and the more dangerous type, ectopic fat, where the fat is actually stored in your organs like your liver and pancreas. Not good. 
    2. Older skin
    With the consumption of too much sugar, you glycate all the cells, tissues and organs in your body including your skin. This leads to more wrinkles and sagging than is desirable. Glycation is the cross-linking of proteins (and DNA molecules) caused by sugar aldehydes reacting with the amino acids on the protein molecule and creating advanced glycation end-products (AGE’s). In layman’s terms, glycation is browning, like the browning that happens to the crust on bread or a sliced apple left out.  So whether you are drinking or eating sugar, this is occurring and it doesn't just have to be sugary soda, as fruit juice and fruit smoothies will do the same. Your body can't tell the difference between added sugar as in a soda and natural sugar as in fruit juice or a smoothie.
    3. Depression, anxiety, mood disorders or irritability
    Eating OR drinking too much sugar can absolutely affect your mental health!
    4. Elevated blood pressure
    Are you trying to avoid salt to lower your blood pressure?  Did you know though that eating too much sugar and processed carbohydrates leads to high blood pressure!?  You don’t hear that very much do you? It's always “bad” salt that's at fault.
    5.  Cavities and dental infections
    My wife is a dentist so she will tell you for certain that eating too much sugar will lead to cavities and infections but what you may not have known is that eating bread, pasta or any processed grain for that matter breaks down into sugar just like added sugar and can therefore impact your teeth and dental health just the same.  If you would like to never have another cavity in your life, implement this simple dietary adjustment and eliminate or markedly reduce added AND natural sugar as well as processed grains.
    6. Frequent thirst
    If you feel you are thirsty and are drinking way more liquid than you should, its most likely due to your blood glucose (sugar) being too high, leading to increased thirst which leads to the need to urinate more often.
    7. Insomnia
    This includes trouble getting to sleep AND staying asleep.  Eating or drinking too much sugar before bed WILL interrupt your sleep due to the blood sugar fluctuations that will occur throughout the night.  Do your body a favour and cut out the sugary eats and drinks before bed and sleep like a baby. 

    8. Frequent infections
    This includes infections of the skin, urinary tract and upper respiratory tract for instance.  Too much sugar = more infections.
    9. Erectile dysfunction (ED)
    The ability for a man to produce and sustain an erection are greatly affected by consuming too much added or natural sugar due to the process of glycation like I mentioned earlier.  Cut out sugar and end ED.
    10. Acne
    This was a problem I suffered with years ago.  It was very embarrassing and is directly related to eating or drinking too much added or natural sugar. 
    11. IBS (Irritable Bowel Symptoms)
    Bloating, gas, diarrhea, intestinal cramping among other symptoms are all related to AND worsened by eating or drinking too much added or natural sugar. Cut the sugar and get gut relief!

There you have it. Hopefully these 11 signs that you are eating too much sugar were helpful.  Comment below with how many of these 11 signs you experience. 

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Happy fat loss 😃


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